My name is Hannah McSorley, and I’m primarily a fiction writer, but I love creating videos, taking photos, exploring new creative outlets, and sharing what I’m learning on the internet.

While I’m working on what I hope will become my first published novel, I’m working on short stories, building a YouTube channel, reading as many books as I can, and I’m working on forming practices and habits in my daily life that will free up time and energy for my creative work—and I want to help others do the same. The fact is, we can’t do anything creative or live bold lives if we don’t first take care of the basics: our health, our habits, our sense of safety and security, our relationships etc. That’s why I’m embarking on something I’m calling The Year of Change Challenge—to build sustainable foundations for the rest of my life so that I can be free to explore every inspiration, curiosity, new topic, and new place in which I find myself.

I hope you’ll follow along!